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Regenerative Medicine for Hair Restoration Beverly Hills, CA

Many times, the cause of hair loss is due to damage to the hair follicles. Many factors can affect the hair follicles and cause them to revert to a dormant state. One of the evolving areas of hair restoration is the use of regenerative medicine to repair damaged or dormant hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth. At Elite Hair Transplant Center, we offer a few different options in regenerative medicine treatments that can be used as stand-alone, non-surgical hair restoration treatments or in conjunction with hair transplantation.

PRP Injections for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are a quick and safe option for stimulating hair growth. PRP is derived from a patient’s blood – it is concentrated platelets and growth factors that is filtered from a small blood sample sent through a centrifuge. The blood filtering is performed on-site, followed by the PRP injections during the same appointment. PRP treatment can trigger hair follicle repair for hair restoration, or it can be combined with a hair transplant to improve hair graft growth.

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Injections

Bone marrow is an excellent source of stem cells that can be used to stimulate hair follicle rejuvenation. The stem cells in bone marrow are highly bioavailable, making them an excellent choice for stem cell therapy for hair loss. A small sample of bone marrow is extracted with a needle to harvest the stem cells. The stem cells are injected into the desired areas for hair regrowth or in the hair transplant location.

Fat Stem Cell Injections

Adipose or fat stem cells are another option for regenerative medicine treatments for hair loss. Stored fat contains a high concentration of stem cells, making it a wonderful source for harvesting. Mini-liposuction is performed to remove a small amount of fat to filter for stem cells. Our micro-droplet fat stem cell injections can be performed for hair restoration or to aid hair transplant grafts.

Regenerative medicine treatments are often combined. Stem cells and PRP can be used together for excellent results. We also use microneedling treatments to stimulate collagen production in the scalp, which can be paired with PRP or stem cell injections for hair restoration.

To learn more about any of our hair restoration procedures, including regenerative medicine treatments, contact our team at Elite Hair Transplant Center in Beverly Hills, CA.

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