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Bone Marrow Stem Cell Hair Loss Injections Beverly Hills, CA

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Hair Loss Injections

Stem cell research has revealed many uses for these amazing cells that we carry in our body. One of the richest areas containing stem cells is bone marrow, which can be extracted to retrieve these valuable cells. Stem cell injections are a non-surgical hair loss treatment used for many medical treatments to stimulate tissue repair, including into the scalp for hair loss. At Elite Hair Transplant Center, we offer bone marrow stem cell hair loss injections at our facility in Beverly Hills, CA.

Stem cells are “blank” cells that can be used to repair many different types of tissue in the body. When hair loss occurs, the hair follicles may shrink and stop producing hair strands, but they are still within the scalp. Dormant hair follicles can be repaired and triggered to begin making hair strands again. Regenerative medicine treatment with stem cells is one way to achieve this effect.

Red bone marrow has a high concentration of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Using a needle, the bone is penetrated, and a small amount of red bone marrow is extracted. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and only takes about 15 minutes. The adult stem cells within bone marrow are 100% bioactive, which can trigger repair of hair follicles when injected into the scalp.

Advanced Hair Loss Treatments

Bone marrow stem cell injection for hair loss is a cutting-edge treatment. While it does require medical expertise to perform, it is a natural and safe procedure. Using biological regenerative medicine is the latest option for triggering new hair growth, both as a stand-alone hair restoration treatment and combined with a hair transplant procedure.

Stem cell injections can have significant results for those with thinning hair. The procedure is minimally invasive, and patients do not need extensive downtime or recovery.

If you are experiencing thinning hair or a receding hairline, come see us at Elite Hair Transplant Center. We have innovative options for surgical and non-surgical hair restoration, including bone marrow stem cell injections. Contact our facility in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule a hair restoration consultation today.



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