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Micro-droplet Fat Stem Cell Injections Beverly Hills, CA

Micro-droplet Fat Stem Cell Injections

Stem cell research over the last few decades has revealed the incredible power of these “blank” cells that are stored in the body. One of the most accessible tissues that contain an abundance of stem cells is fat. When fat is extracted from the body, the stem cells contained in the fat can be filtered out and concentrated for regenerative medical treatments, including for hair loss. Elite Hair Transplant Center offers micro-droplet fat stem cell injections for hair restoration at our facility in Beverly Hills, CA.

Hair loss occurs for many reasons, but in many cases, the dormant or non-functioning hair follicles can be revived. Triggering repair of the hair follicle can result in stimulating new hair growth. Stem cell injections are one way to achieve this result. The blank cells respond to whatever micro-environment they enter. When stem cells are injected into the scalp where dormant hair follicles exist, they can activate these non-functioning follicles. This can result in stimulating the follicle back into the growth phase, creating new hair strands.

Fat Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

Fat stem cells can be harvested from a patient in a quick, micro-liposuction procedure. The abdomen is a common area to use for accessing a small amount of fat that is extracted from under the skin. The removed fat is sent through a centrifuge to filter out the active stem cells that can be injected into the scalp. The stem cells can be combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that can also help trigger hair follicle repair and regrowth within dormant follicles.

Fat stem cell injections can be an effective non-surgical hair restoration treatment. It is minimally invasive – the mini-liposuction procedure is performed under local anesthesia and only requires a tiny incision. Fat stem cell injections can be used alone to help trigger new hair growth, or in conjunction with PRP injections or a hair transplant procedure.

To learn more about the innovative hair restoration options now available, come see us at Elite Hair Transplant Center. We offer micro-droplet fat stem cell injections to stimulate new hair growth. Contact our surgical center in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule your hair restoration consultation.



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