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The Impact of Hair on Male Facial Features Beverly Hills, CA

For many men, a hairstyle is used to frame the face in a particular way. You may want to bring focus to your eyes or reduce the impact of others features. In this respect, achieving an aesthetic that is uniquely you is often only possible through cutting or shaping of the hair.

As you grow older, you may begin to notice that your options are becoming increasingly limited due hair loss or thinning. Up to 80% of men will experience significant baldness at some point in life. This can manifest as patchiness, thinning or a receding hairline.

Receding Hairline

The framing of the face is particularly impacted by a receding hairline. Your forehead can appear large which, in turn, changes the balance between the other facial features. The eyes, nose and mouth may begin to appear squashed within a smaller frame. If you have ears that are large or stick out, a receding hairline does nothing to help you reduce these attributes.

Thinning Hair

As hair thins, you may find that your choice of hairstyles becomes more limited. Hiding or accentuating certain facial features is challenging with longer styles. When your hair is shorter, the focus often shifts to covering areas of the head that have suffered the most from thinning. There is also the issue of constantly worrying that the next stage of your journey is patchy baldness.


Male pattern balding typically begins with a receding hairline or patches on the top of the head. However, there are several other types of baldness that can affect other areas of the scalp. Depending on where you are experiencing significant hair loss, you may lose the ability to use hairstyles to frame your face. In extreme cases, men feel that complete removal of head hair is better than dealing with patchiness.

Facial Hair

Whether you simply like having facial hair or use it to enhance your aesthetic, hair loss will dictate your options. Alopecia is linked to physical, psychological and genetic factors, and can result in hair loss anywhere on the body.

If you are concerned about hair loss in Beverly Hills, reach out to the Elite Hair Transplant Center for treatment options today.

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