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Forehead Reduction Beverly Hills, CA

Forehead Reduction Surgery

The location of the hairline on the brow can impact the balance of the facial features. When the hairline is too high, it can create a forehead that looks too long or large. Lowering the hairline as little as an inch can have a dramatic impact on the facial balance. Our team at Elite Hair Transplant Center performs forehead reduction surgery at our facility in Beverly Hills, CA.

Balance is a major aspect of the aesthetics and attractiveness of a face. Our eyes are trained to look for symmetry as an attractive aspect of the face. When one portion of the face is too large or small, it draws attention. A high hairline makes the forehead stand out, taking attention away from more desirable features like the eyes and lips. Bringing the hairline down can be achieved through plastic surgery, but it can also be accomplished with hair transplantation.

Hairline Lowering with Hair Transplant

Instead of surgically moving the scalp forward to reduce the forehead length, hair transplant surgery adds more hair to the front of the hairline. This covers more of the forehead, creating a shorter, smaller brow. To achieve this result, hair grafts are removed from the back of the scalp and transferred to the front of the scalp.

Dr. Obaid Chaudhry is a board certified plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation for his hair transplant and cosmetic surgery results. Dr. O.C. has invested in the latest technology for hair replacement, including our NeoGraft® follicular unit extraction (FUE) system. To accomplish hairline lowering, Dr. Chaudhry carefully harvests viable hair follicles from the scalp and precisely places them along the front hairline. When the hair grafts grow in, they create a natural-appearing hairline that can be styled in many ways while reducing the size of the forehead.

If you have a high hairline and want it lowered to achieve better facial balance, contact us at Elite Hair Transplant Center. We perform hairline lowering with hair replacement surgery. To learn more about forehead reduction surgery, call our center in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule a consultation with Dr. O.C.



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