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Hair Transplant Cost Beverly Hills, CA

Hair Transplant Cost

A healthy head of hair is a valuable asset. You may not realize how much you value your hair until you begin to lose it. Hair loss can be devastating for both men and women, especially when it begins in the 20s, 30s or early 40s. For many people with thinning, receding or balding hair on their scalp, it is worth the investment to consider hair transplant procedures. At Elite Hair Transplant Center, we provide reliable options for hair replacement at our facility in Beverly Hills, CA, and are happy to discuss hair transplant cost during a consultation.

Hair Transplantation Options

When discussing the cost of a hair transplant procedure, there are two different methods we offer at Elite Hair Transplant Center. The procedure used is one of the factors that will impact the cost for the patient. FUT, or follicular unit transfer, harvests strips of hair follicles, while FUE, or follicular unit extraction, harvests individual units. FUT can be quicker and less expensive than FUE, but FUE can offer other benefits, especially when performed using the automated NeoGraft® system.

Along with the type of hair transplant, other procedures used in conjunction with the surgery can impact cost.

Personalized Hair Transplant Quote

How much a hair transplant procedure will cost will greatly depend on the patient and the amount of hair replacement needed. In general, hair transplant procedure costs are calculated by the number of hair grafts or units required. Some patients will only need 1000 or less grafts, while others may need thousands of hair grafts harvested and transplanted. The number of grafts needed is multiplied by the cost per graft for the type of method used.

If you would like a personalized hair transplant quote, come see us at Elite Hair Transplant Center. Contact our state-of-the-art facility in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Obaid Chaudhry. Dr. O.C. can evaluate your hair loss situation and discuss the options for hair replacement, as well as the cost for various procedures.



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